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Aanbieding: Bakery Simulator PC kopen voor PC - Steam key download

Bakery Simulator PC hoesje
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ABOUT THE GAME Check the cookbook use a database of original recipes and learn to bake several dozen types of bread buns and more. Be precise - otherwise your goods will not be properly baked. FEATURES Choose your target.Stores need different kinds of baked goods. Bread and buns are just not enough – some expect croissants bagels or muffins. Browse daily lists of orders choose them and commit to regular deliveries. Raise your reputation and trust with the stores by making the deliveries on time. Find the best ingredients.Manage and control the ingredient storage space. Order different kinds of flour yeast and additives from the warehouse. Check which ingredients are missing or which you’re getting short or - otherwise you may find yourself in a difficult position and unable to work on the orders! Earn and invest.Invest your hard-earned cash in newer equipment that will let you bake even more products. Buy a larger delivery vehicle or machines for making other types of bread. Expand your bakery. Bakery customization.Choose your own bakery equipment from the list of dozens of available machines and devices. Follow the manuals closely… or find your own use for them. Upgrade and customize your working space to your liking. Install more and more bakery machines as you progress through the game. Buy countertops shelves and tools. Create the perfect conditions for baking! Logistics is key.Plan your route to save as much time as possible when unloading. Hurry up and deliver warm bread to stores before opening. Remember that delays will cost you money! An open world with a changing customer base.From time to time new bakeries will appear. Respond to the needs of the market and invest in new equipment to avoid going bankrupt. Read more What are the system requirements? MINIMUM OSWindows® 7/8/10/11 ProcessorIntel Core i5-4690K / AMD Phenom II X4 Memory 8 GB RAM GraphicsGeForce GTX 960 / AMD Radeon r9 280 Storage13 GB available space RECOMMENDED OSWindows® 10/11 Processor Intel Core i5-7400 / AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Memory16 GB RAM GraphicsGeForce GTX 1650 Ti / AMD Radeon RX 5500m Storage13 GB available space