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Aanbieding: Mediterranea Inferno PC kopen voor PC - Steam key download

Mediterranea Inferno PC hoesje
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ABOUT THE GAME What’s better than a sensual summer retreat in the South of Italy? Join Claudio, Andrea, and Mida in their travels as they try to recover from the collective trauma of the 2020 pandemic. FEATURES Three young men in their early 20s reconnect after two years of forced isolation, hoping to rekindle their friendship; an exceptional bond that made the trio truly special! A mythological force well beyond the sum of its parts! Or so they think… As you pick their activities for the day, you’ll discover their darkest fears, their obsessions, and, as the reality of their failed expectations become apparent, their thirst for revenge and retribution. Read more What are the system requirements? Windows OSWindows 7+ (64 bits) ProcessorX64 Dual Core CPU 2+ Memory4 GB RAM GraphicsRadeon Pro 560X / NVIDIA GTX 960 Storage4 GB available space macOS OSmacOS 10.10 Yosemite Processor2.3GHz dual-core 7th gen Intel Core i5 MemoryText GraphicsText Storage4 GB available space