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Aanbieding: Riders Republic - 360 Edition PC (Europe & UK) kopen voor PC - Ubisoft Connect key download

Riders Republic - 360 Edition PC (Europe & UK) hoesje
€ 81,89 24,59

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THIS EDITION INCLUDES Base Game Skate Plus Pack ABOUT THE GAME With the 360 Edition, take your experience to the next level and enjoy the Republic like never before. It includes the base game and the Skate Plus Pack, which gives you access to the Skate add-on, hoverboard, cosmetics, and the Ridge Ultimate Pack.- Explore new skate parks filled with opportunities to master your newest tricks.- Speed through urban and wild areas with your futuristic toy: the hoverboard.- Enjoy a variety of sports: skate, bike, ski, snowboard, and wingsuit.- Go wild on the heights of iconic US national parks like Yosemite, Zion, Mammoth Mountain, and Bryce Canyon.- Compete in all-out mass races with over 50 players – grind or collide and fight your way to the finish line!- Customize your character to show off your style, including a new set of outfits and boards to represent skate culture.- Engage in a collection of multiplayer events and enjoy regular content updates. Read more What are the system require