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Aanbieding: Vault of the Void PC kopen voor PC - Steam key download

Vault of the Void PC hoesje
€ 16,59 5,89

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ABOUT THE GAME Vault of the Void is a single-player, low-RNG roguelike deckbuilder designed to put the power into your hands. Continuously build, transform and iterate on your deck as you progress through your run - or even before each battle. Preview which enemies you’ll be battling before each encounter, giving you a chance to carefully plan your strategy. With no random events, your success is in your hands - and your creativity and skill define your chances of victory! FEATURES With 440+ cards, 4 different classes and 320+ Artifacts - and the ability to modify your deck at any point during your run - there are near endless possibilities for creative deck building. Inspiration strikes mid-run? Change up your deck on the spot! Thought of an innovative way to dispatch an enemy? Head towards it and try it out! Vault of the Void features a plethora of unique mechanics and quality-of-life changes designed to alleviate the RNG of the roguelike deckbuilder experience, and encourage creativ